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Hi! My name is Kay Marie! Friends call me K.M. for short! I was originally born in Harris, New York. I lived there for 7 years then moved to Ocala, Florida. I was raised there for 14 years. I then got married to a wonderful Marine whom moved me up to Beaufort, South Carolina. ♥

I am married to Marine. We have been married since March 29, 2008. We have been together since December 23, 2006. I will admit, it is hard to be with a man in the service. The only time I really get to spend with him is when he comes home from work, weekends, and holidays. Life is precious and we do must the most of it! My motto is to live day by day and cherish life. That is all we can do! ♥

I'm a Vegetarian since 2001 trying SO very hard to go Vegan. My one weakness are Caesar Salads at the moment! LoL! I love the book 'Skinny Bitch'. It really gives you an image on what happens to animals. And Vegan/Vegetarian cookbooks are just awesome! It never hurts to go to Recipezaar.com either! You share and look up other recipes that other people have posted.
I am a HUGE health nut! I try to buy as many Organic things as I can without it getting too expensive. I absolutely dislike junk food in my house. I'm not to crazy about Carbs. It contains a lot of sodium which creates bloating. ♥

What I do in life is entertainment and lots of rejection. I'm a Model. I do love it, but it has its ups and downs. It is very hard to find a modeling agency that is decent around South Carolina. If you want to find a decent one; New York, California, and Florida are the places to go! Since I'm 5'6", I'm a petite Model. This makes it especially hard on me to get jobs and find a decent agency.
I model for John Casablancas MTM.
I'm a Commercial, Print, and Catalogue Model at the moment.
On the side, I would actually love to start my own business. I would like to make jewelry and sell it online. ♥

I am currently an Anorexic and Bulimic. I hate the confusion. I want to go back to a simpler time. My motto with my ED life is "Dying is Easy, Peaceful even; Living is Difficult...." (I did take that right out of Twilight!) In my life, my ED is no secret. The way I look and the way I act gives everything away.
My idea of how people get eating disorders comes from our childhood; yet, they don't hit us hard until a certain age. When I was 3, I always heard my Dad say to my Mum, "If you ever get fat, I'll leave you." My Mum always dieted, called herself fat, disgusting, even Baby Huey! When I was 17, my Dad left us and they got a divorce. I always thought it was because of me. And to this day, I still do. So my way of blocking out my past, is my ED. It's my way of having control.
I ask of you to not hold this against me. ♥

Don't judge me until you really get to know me. If you are my friend, talk to me. If you don't, you are no longer a friend to me. I can be a b*tch, and I can be the nicest person ever. I can be your best friend, but I can also be your worst enemy. It all depends on how you treat me. I strongly believe in Karma. What goes around comes around.
My husband was currently in Iraq. When he was gone, I've learned to be MUCH MORE independent then ever. He was the one who always stood up for me. He was my voice. I realized, that I do have a voice. I can stand up for myself. I'm not afraid to tell you the truth. I don't sugarcoat things. ♥

I love you all! I am happy to give anyone advice and/or support on ANY topic. And I would LOVE to get advice and/or support from any of you! ♥
Much Luv!